As a Native of Tempe and proud advocate for working families, I am committed to helping Tempe fulfill its potential. The City we live in is a leader in the Valley in so many ways, but we still have much work to do together.

I am a new Mom. I spend day and night worrying about my daughter’s future, but I know I want her future in Tempe to be bright. I want her to attend great public schools in our City with other students who share a passion for learning and their community.  I want her to feel safe and empowered to participate in the community, whether at school or in the neighborhood. I want to be confident that our City government is committed day in and day out to the safety, success, and opportunity for families in our City. I want to fight for my daughter and every family in our City.

In Tempe, more than 20% of the population lives in poverty, including more than 10,000 children. We must commit ourselves to tackling the enormity of this challenge, not just for these families but all families in our City who just want to know that they have a real shot at opportunity and a future they can be proud of in Tempe. What greater gift can we give all of our children than a safe city with a thriving, sustainable community and economy?

That is why I am running. As a new, working Mom to my daughter Aviva, I believe we need a clear advocate for families in our City. Thousands and thousands of families like mine who are working tirelessly, but need a little reassurance and help to succeed.

I am running for our families and I am running for our City. I hope you join me.